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Optimizing incident solutions for properties through the lens of experts to support the growth of our partners.

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The FIRM brand builds on FACS’ legacy of gathering the right people with the right perspectives to make key decisions right now. While FACS is driven by the core principle of creating experts who improve public health and the environment, FIRM is focused on simplifying emergency incident response for laymen by summoning expertise and business intelligence on demand.

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FIRM Is Ready to Revolutionize Incident Management

We manage Incidents for you

We provide an Incident Management Platform (FIRM) for you, making sure that not only is the work being done correctly and timely but also giving you a real-time view on the status of the project. Most importantly, the FIRM team makes certain that all regulatory requirements are being followed.

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Keep track of repairs & costs

The FIRM Dashboard provides an easy way to analyze the numbers and types of incidents as well as the vendors used to fix the issues. It helps you plan for your CAP/Ex projects with the correct information.

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Operational Efficiency and Cost Control

We make sure the right equipment is used, at the right time, and that the correct labor charges are applied. Vendor Accountability on every project can easily be seen in your customized FIRM database.

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Our Gap Analysis gets you prepared

We’ll review your current policies and procedures, and make recommendations and help you develop plans to deal with a variety of incidents from emergencies to minor losses.

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Working with vendors to get the job done

We find and hire the right vendor to do the work, and we’ll determine the right course of action to take, making sure the work is done correctly and efficiently giving you the assurance that your vendors are accountable.

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Ensuring you're not overcharged

We review all invoices to ensure that the correct work was done and at the right price, utilizing best practices, all managed by a live Incident Manager.

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Who We Serve

FIRM provides operational efficiencies. Your FIRM team is focused on helping streamline local, regional, and national projects so that everyone within your organization is aligned.

Our Leadership Team

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“Since we implemented the FIRM program, we have really gained control of our restoration vendors and costs associated with our incidents. In the first quarter after implementation, we saved 32% on labor and almost 20% on equipment charges. FIRM also saved us $5,000 on invoice errors right away. The program provides the checks and balances we need when emergencies take time away from our main priorities.”

Mike McCamish, CPM, Director Property Management at GreenTree Property Management

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Our team of expert consultants can help you recover quickly from fire, flood, smoke, mold and other damage.

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