An Invoice Auditing Platform Built for Emergency Incident Response

We Audit Your Invoices So You Don't Have To

We help executive teams stay aligned with their regional staff through a customized FIRM portal that provides real-time visibility for all incidents at your properties. Every reported incident is managed by an Account Manager who ensures vendor accountability, timely response, and thorough invoice review; all so you can maintain occupancy and improve your tenant relationships.

We Audit Your Invoices So You Don't Have To

When an incident does occur, your FIRM Incident Manager carefully reviews all invoices for billing errors or excess charges. We then submit the invoice to you for payment.

Clear Reporting

Emergency Incidents are hard enough. FIRM will simplify the process.

FIRM Gives You True Cost Control

Coding errors. Vendor overcharges. Increasing equipment rentals in a never ending invoice. FIRM is focused on creating streamlined solutions for our clients and removing obstacles to remediation and cost controls.. Invoice audit and review is at the heart of vendor accountability, and accountability begins with choosing the right vendors before incidents occur. Further, FIRM is vendor neutral and does not receive “kickbacks” from any vendor for referring work.

The FIRM team works with your team to select the best vendors for your property needs. With FIRM, you have the confidence knowing you are being invoiced correctly and all work was overseen by an industry expert.

Expert Assessment

A FIRM Incident Manager will assess the damage and plan out the scope of work accordingly.

Project Oversight

A FIRM Incident Manager manages the project through to completion, ensuring all work is done correctly, timely, and according to industry best practices.

Incident Tracking

The FIRM Dashboard collects the data from each incident with real-time tracking in the FIRM dashboard from first call to conclusion. 

The FIRM team is your invoice management solution.

Vendor Accountability and The Restoration Process

The FIRM team can manage the restoration project when incidents occur, saving you and your staff valuable time and allowing you to deploy your staff’s efforts where it's needed most.

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Working With FIRM


Reconstruction Oversight

FIRM will manage the restoration project from start to finish.

The FIRM team will oversee all restoration work being done, ensuring the correct repairs are made, and there are no overcharges for additional or unnecessary work or excess equipment usage.

Incident Tracking

The FIRM Dashboard is a central database for incident tracking, invoice and picture storage, and customized reporting for all your property sites.

The FIRM Dashboard provides an easy way to analyze building health, types of incidents as well as the vendors assigned to address the incident.

Vendor Accountability

FIRM provides independent, expert advice while identifying the right fit for you.

A FIRM Incident Manager will oversee the project, ensuring that the correct work is being done timely with as little interruption to your tenant.

FIRM Gives You Extra Capacity

FIRM gives back much needed time back to you and your staff.

The FIRM Solution streamlines operations and provides a centralized maintenance incident management system which gives you greater control over costs. No longer do you need to follow up on multiple vendors or hard to reach field staff. Most importantly, the FIRM team holds your vendors to a very high standard making them accountable to you. We make sure work is completed , at the right price and in a timely manner. The FIRM team will negotiate all billing disputes and excess charges on your behalf ,ensuring complete vendor accountability.

Risk Reduction

We can help minimize the impact of risk factors.

Before your Incident Manager manages your first incident, the FIRM team will conduct a Gap Analysis on your Operations and Maintenance Plan to determine areas for improvement and minimize the impact from all incidents.