FIRM: FACS Incident Response Management

A complete Incident Management System for Your Business

We directly adapt to your needs and work with your entire company to create a unified response to incidents on one platform. We manage any response, vendor accountability, invoice review and audit, data capture arising from an incident, and provide you with business analytics and reporting. You simply make one phone call to FIRM.



Let Experts Manage For You

Schedule a meeting and learn how you can get ahead of your next emergency.

Our Platform is Built for Any Situation

Expert Assessment

Our experts assess the damage and plan out the scope of work needed.

Project Oversight

A FIRM Incident Manager  manages the project through to completion, ensuring all work is done correctly, timely, and according to industry best practices.

Incident Tracking

The FIRM Dashboard collects all the data  from  each incident.  The FIRM database provides real-time tracking of the incident from the time of first reporting to its conclusion. 

Incident Management Without FIRM

Current responses are likely hindered by a lack of expertise in knowing what to do, how to do it, and the latest industry protocols resulting in:

  • Higher costs
  • Headaches
  • Business disruption
  • Loss of data insights
  • Increased business risk
  • Communication problems

Additionally the entire complexity of managing emergency incidents significantly increases staff workloads.

Incident Management With FIRM

Handle Incidents with One Phone Call 24/7/365

Avoid the stress of searching your local area, calling multiple vendors, and having to vet them all; simply make one phone call to FIRM and we’ll take care of the rest, making updates to your incident dashboard every step of the way.

Vendor Accountability

We review and audit all vendor invoices to ensure the work is done correctly and that it reflects the program’s established pricing.

Regulatory Compliance Assurance

As a division of FACS, our internal experts have the experience and knowledge needed to ensure compliance with OSHA and local health and safety regulations.

Prepared for Anything

National Network of Vetted Vendors

We Handle the Hard Parts

We finalize the Restoration Vendor Program Guidelines, catered to your business - you review and approve the vendor qualification packet. We then request a proposal from the vendor networking pool (which includes your current vendors and FIRM vendors). The vendor submits verification to FIRM program for qualification and proposed pricing. We conduct vendor interviews and negotiate final pricing, and then execute MSAs. We finalize selection and property assignments, and oversee team training and launch.

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Stakeholder Interviews

The FIRM team Identifies key development areas, and conducts both a Vendor Analysis and a Policy gap analysis.


Designing Operations

Approval of new process flows, which includes creating policy documentation, establishing local level buy-in and starting the vendor vetting process.


Integrating Systems

The FIRM team handles the training of client & vendors, accessing & testing systems, and providing resources to community sites.


Activate & Calibrate

After launching the test region we identify workflow issues and correct them, in preparation for a national roll-out.